Is it essential to have a Credit Card?

There are still some people, (very few) who do not use credit cards. On the other hand, the majority of Australian consumers have now have two or more credit cards. Today, it is almost thought of as an essential item for every day life.

Have you ever questioned your need for a credit card? Sure, they do make life convenient. But are they essential?

The benefits of having a credit card:

Online Shopping – This is one area where it is essential to have a credit card. This make online purchases a breeze.

Payment Methods – Years ago, personal cheques were the main source of payments. However, many retailers no longer accept personal cheques as a payment method.

Access to Money – Another advantage is that credit cards can provide and extra buffer if you run short of cash.

We always hear of the disadvantages of credit cards, but as you can see, there are some advantages.

If you like the advantages of having a credit card, but do not want the other problems associated with credit cards, like debt and high interest charges, then there is an alternative.

A debit card may be just the product for you. Debit cards have all the great advantages of a credit card without the associated risks. The great thing about a debit card is that you are using your own money to fund your purchases. This means that there is no risk of getting into debt.

ANZ Visa Debit Card

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